2007 news...

December 22nd 2007

Merry christmas everybody!

I have a couple of presents for y'all. First up there is Slow Death Factory who have put their entire new album online for you to check out. I just saw them live last week and I am still hung over. Healthwarning though. You might hurt your head banging to this rowdy crowd!

I went there with Midnattsol who were here to mix their new album with me. They loved it as well,... And the mix didnt even suffer... ;-)

The other treat is a sneak preview of One Way Mirror. You go to their myspace site and get taste of it. Tastes awesome!

Now its time for some christmas duck, a little reggae, finish up the new Mugshot album and then Moonspell is coming to do the new album.
Can't wait.


November 22nd 2007

I won the Danish Metal Award for best production again this year! Together with Christian Oldewolbers of course for Mnemics "Passenger" album. Very very nice! And I got to see te new line up of Hatesphere as well that night. Still a very good band, and a great new singer!

I have been working on some fantastic new albums that you need to check out!Benea Reach from Norway is one of them. Their new album is going to shake everybodies world! I Like!

One Way Mirror, a bunch of Frenchies from Mnemic, Soilwork, Scarve, Lyzanxia, have had their album mixed here. You WILL hear about this one I am telling you!

Eminence, the album I did in Brazil is finished and sounding awesome. Great drummer, Great riffs huge energy!! I like!

I mixed the new album for american band Winds Of Plague. Great band too.

At the moment I am working on the new Cataract album which is seeing them take a big step forward I think, and te debut album from danish Mugshot who recently signed a deal with SonyBMG. Its gonna be a great album as well, and deep. Very deep!

The new Knuckledust album is coming out now and that one is the first of the new "Team Antfarm Productions". The team is Me (sic) and Jacob Olsen. I take care of the setting up and he does all the tracking. That way bands with lesser budgets can also get a piece of the pie, soundwose at least. And Jacob is a very good engineer as well. More to come.

Next up is Xmas! And then Moonspell...and then The Haunted...Dagoba...Kryoburn... and some reggae. More about that later.

I am a happy man. I hope you're happy too!



August 29th 2007

So I am in Brasil working on a new album from Eminence. The sun is shining like crazy and this is what they call winter. Here it is 30 degrees and at home in DK it´s 15 and raining. And thats what I call summer. Eminence are great, just wait till you hear it. They even convinced me to do a solo!!! Wahhh it´s been a long time since  I did that.

This summer Moonspell was at the Antfarm to re-record some really old stuff. Their first demo and single as a stop gap funstuff thing. It came out amazing I think. Very old school but at the same time very fresh. And I got myself a very cool ringtone out of it, hehe. One that scares kids as well as parents, you know... real people.

The new Gorefest album was album of the month recently in Rockhard as well as some other places. Awesome! Another awesome is danish hi tech metallers Scamp shopping for a deal now... and Suicide Silence and Himsa!!! So much stuff out now. Check References, I just updated it.

I have to mention the new Destiny album too. They are now called  The Destiny Project and they are fantastic! The album was produced by Anders Friden and Daniel Bergstrand and mixed by by yours truly.

Another that has been released is the new August Burns Red. Someone showed me a forum where some wise guy was trying to belittle Matt Greiner by saying he had been fixed by Beat Detective. That shit pisses me off big time. I know it is almost an industry standard to do so, but let me tell you. It is actually possible to play the drums yourself, and NOT have a machine help you. Matt Greiner is the real deal, just so you know. He is the result of great and hard work and what you hear  on that album is HIM playing.

Knuckledust have been back here to record their new album. This time with my assistant engineer Jacob Olsen tracking the record. I did the set up so everything is recorded to my liking but he is doing the tracking. Mix is handled by both of us. We have worked like this a couple of times now and it´s smoothe and hard. Knuckldust have never sounded better I think. Great songs.

That off my chest, I am going back home soon to finish the mix of Eminence and the new Konkhra album as well as do the mix of the new Heaven Shall Burn album. That is going to be a blast!! After which I am going to Norway to help Benea Reach get started on their recordings.

I think thats it for now.... Later.


May 23rd 2007

HI there. I am back from the states having recorded August Burns Red. Awesome record I think. After returning home I mixed another band for Solid State rec; Cry Of The Afflicted. More melodic metal but another awesome band. Great songs!

Before as well as after all that I been working on the debut album from Droid. They will be on the Family Values tour this summer, so you will hear about them no doubt.

I been working on the new album from Gorefest. This time I did the set up and vocals, and then mix and mastering. This album came out a lot more angry than the last one. Awesome record!! It will be out on Nuclear Blast in the fall.

I also just finished The Destiny Program. They used to be known as Destiny. Now they changed their name and label to Nuclear Blast. The album is stunning. I can imagine firework going off and people losing their minds when they go live with these songs. It was produced by Anders Friden and Daniel Bergstrand and mixed and mastered here. Make sure you check it out!

Some great albums are out now: Dark Tranquillity, Hatesphere, both of getting great response, very well deserved.

Tomorrow I will start the mix of the new Himsa album! I know its going to be rocking!!



March 15th 2007

It's been a while, as I'm sure you know, sorry. But I am just back from Nashville, TN recording the new album for August Burns Red (Solid State rec.).  We recorded drums at Soundkitchen where I almost met Dolly Parton!!!! I saw her hair walk by the window, hehe, but when we finished our work and took a break she was gone. Booger!!

 Just before I left I finished the mix of the new Hatesphere album (SPV). Amazing!!! The weeks are going to be spend mixing Cry Of The Afflicted (Solid State), Droid (ES rec), Gorefest (Nuclear Blast) and Suicide Silence (Century Media) (1.3 mill hits on their Myspace site!!!). One amazing album after the other.

Changes are being made to the antfarm studio. It will be a lot sweeter to work there now... the first to enter for recording will be Jan Chris of gorefest to do the vocals for their new album. The demos already sound great, so I cant wait for the final recording.

More exciting things are coming up, but it is too soon to tell y'all about it yet. Later!