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Fall 2008

Hello Everybody


I know its been a long time since my last update... but here is a new one.

Quite a  lot of things have happened since last time...
the new The Haunted album is out now and you will know it's a masterpiece again when you hear it! And I command you to pick up the special edition. We recorded 21 tracks and there wasn't one bad song  in there.. so all the bonus stuff WILL be killer.

While doing the recordings, I also found a minute to help out Softube with their new Guitar amp plug in, Metal Amp Room which Jensen was involved with designing (making sure the chucks were not lost). I have to say I was very surprised when I heard the results. It really does sound like the way I record guitars and it makes me want to do a lot more set ups for them if I can get them to do this. I have already used it twice...  2 out of 4 guitar tracks on the new Sirenia used this plug The other two were rectifier.
Presets will be available through Softube later (I promise Niklas).

I just finished a new album for Born From Pain with Rob now handling the vocals. Sounds very very good to me. Also just finished mixing the new Sirenia album with an awesome new singer and great new songs.

I came home from Russia recording Amatory recently. Very special experience. The band is singing in Russian.. but will also make an English version. Really good band!! And big as hell over there, which feels very weird when you hear nothing at all about them only 2 hours away on a plane...

Scamp is a local band I worked with a long time ago (I mixed this album), and now the album is finally coming out on  Scarlet Records. If you like Mnemic/Meshuggah stuff you will love this bunch. They are fucking awesome!!

Nueva Etica have made a new harder better tighter album which I am mixing with Jacob Olsen engineering. It sounds Hard!

I just came home from Gothenburg recording the new Engel album. It is a long time dream of mine to do this album, and it feels so good to finally be working with them first hand. We recorded the drums in Puk studios, guitars and bass in Storan in Gothenburg and vocals at my place. We are working on 17 songs, let's see how many end up on the record.
I know this record is going to kick major ass!!

I am also putting the finishing touches to the new Hatesphere album now. There is a band who went throught some changes, but rest assured, it still sounds like Hatesphere.

Next up I am going to dothe mix of the new Earth Crisis album!!, And a new Ektomorf album and a Heaven Shall Burn live DVD. So lots of good stuff to look forward to.

May 6th 2008

Hi there everybody...

So I have a few hours to kill at cph airport... on my way to Marseille to start the new Dagoba album... which is going to be absolutely awesome, I know!!!...

And speaking of awesome: Awesome stuff have been going on lately. First the new Moonspell album is just about to be unleashed on the world. It is getting great reviews, album of the month kinda thing... Great guys, good times and good music...

And Soziedad Alkoholika  was here to do the mix of their new album. I am not sure when that one is coming out...

This past month I have been keeping busy with the Haunted!!! We were in PUK studios in Denmark to record the music (have a peak here) and went to Gothenburg to do the vocals at IF studios. Peter had some weird shit going on in his mouth though (infection, operation, can't sing kinda thing)... so some of the vocals were done a little later at the Antfarm, where the mix took place as well. Pretty much all the music was recorded live in the studio!!!! No click tracks, no triggers, no faking it... just good old making music the way it used to be back when you had to actually be able to play your shit to do it... And we recorded 21 tracks!!!! You better make sure you get the special edition because at this stage I can't name one song which is not worthy of being on the album!! It's 21 great tracks I promise!!

Meanwhile I have been working on some live material meant for a dvd release by Behemoth... And that just has to be the scariest band alive!! They are scary on stage, but the raw tracks also promise great evil... What a band...

I think thats what's on my mind for now... Later dudes and dudettes!!

Jan 18th 2008

It seems that the danish answer to the grammy, the DMA08 will have a hardrock award this year... And it looks like a winner for me already since I produced or mixed all three of them (Mnemic, Hatesphere and The Psyke Project)... The award show is on the 23rd of February. Lucky for all of us they don't consider Volbeat metal or Hardrock, since they are nominated in other categories.

More good news! The new Heaven Shall Burn album is album of the month in Rockhard and Legacy!! and number 2 in the soundcheck in Metal Hammer. Good album. Go get it.

Moonspell is here doing their new album. It is going great We did the drums in Feedback studio like with the Under Satanae album, the rest have been done here at the 'Farm. We are getting the last details done these days and will continue to mix mid next week I think/hope. So far I only heard great songs...

After that it's time to mix a new album from Soziedad Alkoholika from Spain. I am looking forward to that.

In the meantime please check out these two amazing videos:
> Eminence from Brazil Day 7. excellent music, excellent people, excellent country... Sick Drummer!
> Benea Reach: New Waters

This is the new shit for 2008!

Enjoy.. till next time