Dec 9th 2010

Seasons greetings!

Hey everybody, here is a little update on whats been going on down at the farm.

The swimming pool has been used thoroughly for a bunch of records. This summer The Burning was here to track the drums for their new album entitled: Hail the Horde. After that Ektomorf was here to record their new album which is due out just about now. It's an album that showcases some new sides to my hungarian friends.

Inbetween I paid my russian friends [AMATORY] a visit in St. Petersburg to help them get their new record started right. That album was later mixed here at the farm. It is a great album you should all check out, even if they do sing in Russian..

The summer also saw Cataract coming back for a new album which has been released already, and Neaera had their latest album mixed here as well.

The latest guests in my house were The Haunted to record their new album. It is an album which is going to turn a few heads. Absolutely great stuff. Great songs, great musicianship and much to my pleasure a great showcase for the pool. Per never played better and his drums are a mazing.

Next up we have Indrama (France) , Illdisposed (DK) and Poisonblack (Finland) coming here to record new albums...

Good times...

I will leave you now and go see Exodus tonight. It will be just like being 16 again, stage diving and all...or well.... hmm...

May 25th 2010

Hey Everybody!

I know this is long overdue, but here we go:

So much have happened since last. Antfarm Studio is now Studio's'. The old studio downstairs is still active, now occupied by my Assistant Jacob Olsen and as some might have heard, I have converted my pool to drum room. It sounds amazing! If you want to check it for yourself, go check out the new Heaven Shall Burn album. The drums were recorded here, and speaking of which album; It is getting rave reviews topping the soundcheck in both Metal Hammer and Rockhard!

(The Antfarm Drum Pool!)

And speaking of new albums - I have to say: Go check out all the records on my Disco 2010 page. Every single album there is just amazing in its own right.

Witchery is all the metalgods I grew up listening to (Gary Holt, Kerry King, Hank Sherman, Andy LaRogue etc) and a massive killer of an album too. Engel is the most commercial yet heavy album. Mantric (former Extol members) is the best in progressive the oldschool way. The Haunted and At The Gates dvds are great and Anders is making great documentaries... Sick Of It All delivers the ultimate in NYHC as always!!!!! Everybody who needs a lesson from these guys... Me too, hehe. Die is fast deathmetal at its best.

Which brings me to the odd one out here... Nevergreen. See here is an old friend of mine who used to be the best thrashmetal drummer in the world, but sadly he left my band to be a singer... This is about 20 years ago or so, yeah getting old and all that... Years later he turned popstar in Russia and now he is representing Denmark in the Eurovision songcontest in Oslo. You all have to vote for him!!! This is the important thing in this blog. It will be almost like voting for Lordi! Remember.

A danish movie about danish soldiers in Afghanistan called Armadillo is getting a lot of attention these days in Cannes, and my boys in Mugshot have a couple of songs in the movie. I can't wait to see it.

Right now I just finished Davidian from Germany and their new album. We did it all here at the farm... and in the pool. It sounds keelar!

I also had to spend a couple of days in Copenhagen to help out the reunited Attitude Adjustment with Chris Kontos on drums. That was a blast! True Hardcore. This is going to be a Raw f**king record.

I started the mix of the new Kataklysm album a couple of days ago. This new one is going to top them all!

After that it's time for Figure of 6 and then Cataract is coming back to do a new album. I am really looking forward to that. Also [AMATORY] from Russia is getting ready to do a new album this summer. Daniel is coming to Denmark to do the drums here. I can't wait, he is an amazing drummer.

N'till next time...

January 24th 2010

Hello Ev'rybody!

It's a new year and time for some truly great albums to be released:
Mnemic, Dark Tranquilllity, Mantric... Frightening...

I just came home from the anual DMeA (Danish Metal Awards). Hatesphere ran with album of the year and Super Charger got the best debut album. Very nice indeed!

Last year ended in fine style with November going to Sick Of It All. They came to Copenhagen where we recorded the whole album and did most of the mixing too. Once again a classic hardcore album in the box. And this is what a finished album looks like:

In december we did the drums for the new Heaven Shall Burn here at the Antfarm in the pool!!! Yes that's right, boys and girls. We recorded the drums in my swimmingpool. It sounds awesome.

They brought everything home to finish the recordings in Germany and then I will see Maik and Alex again next week for the mix. Looking forward to it. The new songs sound very much like HSB, but at the same time I think there are new elements in their music. It's going to be exciting to hear the end result.

Before The Fall from Austria have been taking up my time as well lately for the mix of their new album. Expect some heavy shit from these guys.