January 2014

Holy crap, I've got a website :o)

HI and welcome to my very rare update!

Sorry, but thats how it is. This apparently the rate at which I can get this done... But hey look at the bright side: It means that I am too busy making music all the time.

But Happy new year - and what a year it has been. I have had my fingers mixed up in some great albums in 2013 - check them here: DISCO 2013

Heaven Shall Burn went straight to number 2 in the German Charts, One OK Rock went Number 2 in Japan as well, was even number 1 for a few days... I worked over a year on an album with Hemenway which came out on xmas day, which is a bit more light than what you are used to seeing me working on, and even did some mixes for Jota Quest from Brazil

- And did a truckload of METAL like always. And again, check out the Disco side... There are some amazing albums in there I promise.

To see what I'm up to more often, check my FACEBOOK

I post videos of bands and other things of interest on there.

Until next time, Tadah.