2005 news...

10th of November 2005

Something awesome is happening at the Farm...First up: In December I will be going to New York to produce the new Sick Of It All record. This is gonna be extremely cool to work with one of the bands that started it all for HC, and after seeing them a couple of times this summer, they still look as fit as ever!!!

French Dagoba just left the studio with an amazing new album coming out on Season Of Mist in february. Try to emagine a mix of Pantera and Dimmu Borgir and you are getting there. The album also have a very special guest vocalist who has to remain a secret for a little while still... If you know a little french you can check their day by day studio report on their forum.

Right now I am mixing the new Kataklysm album. It ripps!!

After that it's the finishing off the Submission album which is coming out on Listenable next year. Very good band!! The drummer is touring with Hatesphere at the moment as a stand-in for Anders who recently became a father!!!! Excellent!!

Threat Signal is a canadian band who are being produced by Christian Oldewolbers from Fear Factory and will be mixed by me. It is a very very good band of the FF/Mnemic kind. You should go check them out on their site. There are a couple of demos there that sound awesome, and they tell me the new stuff sounds even better. Can't wait to hear it!

Oh yeah, and you can check out Engel on the scandinavian part of the Arch Enemy tour! Very cool band everybody should know!



8th of October 2005

So we finished the Himsa record we thought, but circumstances beyond our control means we are not finished after all...Kirby and new/old guitarist Sammi is coming back to rerecord Matts parts who left the band after the recordings took place...hmmm. It is a fuckin killer album though mind you!!!

A whole lotta mixing have been takin' place here..and I even managed to squeeze in the new Hatesphere album for mix! It came out brilliant and the girls in the band (Sorry, they are of course big masculine fellas!!) are real happy too. Steve Smyth of Nevermore is playing a solo on it too...

After that I been producing the new Urkraft album. We just finished last Friday. It sounds a lot like Urkraft!!!

As some of you might have heard already I am mixing the new Gorefest album right now. It is coming along great! The band sounds as strong as ever and really heavy too! This is one to look out for.

Next up I am mixing the new Raunchy album and after that I planned a whole week of vacation!!! That's a first! In September french band Dagoba are coming, and that is going to be a killer album for sure!!! I heard a few demos they made and the songs sounds awesome!


17th of May 2005

So we started the recordings of the new Himsa album and it looks like it is gonna be a killer album!! That guy who wrote in my guestbook better prepare himself for a severe thrashin!!! We finished the drums and the bass and today we started guitars. Ooohhh!

I also forgot to tell you that I am mixing the new Heaven Shall Burn/Caliban split. It sounds amazingly heavy!!!

Next month will see me mixing new albums from Watch Them Die (US, Century Media), Callenish Circle Becoming The Archtype (US), Jerkstore(DK), Michael Simpson (DK) and Blood Stain Child (Japan). It is gonna be amazing!!

And check out Rockhard Magazine some time soon to see an interview with me...

And remember!!!!!: Buy the new Extol album NOW!! And check out Engel here


See you later.