June 10th 2011

Full blown spring - lovin' it!

Hi Everybody,

I know I must be the worst news guy in the whole world, sorry... but anyway. Here is a little about what I have been keeping busy doing:

About a year ago I recorded Attitude Adjustments reunion album. It took a while for them to add the vocals and send them over, hehe, but now it is ready and it is a hardcore fucking master piece!!! If you ever liked hardcore this is sooo one to go out and get. Basic tracks were recorded in just three days!!

..and so here one year later I am doing sort of the same with Sick Of It All, except we went all fancypants and spent 4 days of complete overproduction in between shows and festivals... We have re-recorded some old faves for their 25th anniversary album. You are going to love it I know. It should come out sometime this fall.

Earlier this year of course saw the release of the new The Haunted album. Absolute Classic album!!! Nothing more to say! Everybody should own one.

Illdisposed made an album with me which picks up the thread from 1-800 vindication and delivers the good. The more I hear that album the more I love it.

Poisonblack have had their new album released as well. See video here. Excellent album.

I have been busy mixing the new album for Japanese Dir En Grey. This was really interesting work. Lots of crazy stuff going on in those tracks. amazing songs as well and quite something out of the ordinary.

Moonspell have started work on their next album(s) and were here for the first drum session one week ago. Looks like that is going to be some great tunes on that one.. Mix will take place in the fall.

Next week Hatesphere is coming in for their new album. I heard a few demos they made here and it sounds very promising.

After that is going to be Rust 2 Dust, The Agonist and Soziedad Alkoholika...

Till next time, chill....