2006 news...

Nov 19th 2006

So great things happened yesterday. The Danish Metal Award show happened and Raunchy's Death Pop Romance album won for best production, which of course was mixed by yours truly and produced by Jacob Hansen.

Also Submission won for best debut album and best track, also done by me and Jacob.

This week a lot of Halford stuff is being released on iTunes. That includes the Crucible album that was remixed by me plus two new songs "Forgotten Generation" and "Drop Out". Amazing stuff and great to finally get it out there.

The Psyke Project has just left the building after recording a new album. Once again they recorded live in the studio. They also gave a very convincing performance opening the DMeA.

Last I gotta tell you about this new Randall amp I got. It is the RM100M. Everybody should check it out. The concept is amazing and the sound even better. I am really looking forward to get to use this a lot more in the future. So far I used it on the new Born From Pain album. If I remember correctly we used the Recto preamp and the UltraXL for the rhythmguitar sound.

Me likes alot!!

Oct. 28th 2006

Hi there.
I have just sent Aborted home after finishing the recordings of the new album... the title you have to get from themsselves, I am not going to try my luck with that one.
Jeff Walker (Carcass) did a guest spot. Excellent!! Also Jacob (Hatesphere) and Avital (Betzefer) did a shot.

Born From Pain did a new album too this August. Very good stuff featuring new guitarist Dominique, a lot of Metallica sounding GTR harmonies, and guest slots from Lou Koller (Sick Of It All), Barney (Napalm Death) and Jan Chris (Gorefest). The album is creating quite a buzz at the moment. It comes out early next year on Metal Blade.

Around the same time the new Barcode album will be released on Scarlet Rec. It also features the voice of hardcore, Lou koller (SOIA).

The future brings a couple of things I have to keep quiet about, but it is all good!... You will hear it later.

Sept. 11th 2006

I am sorry. It is not right that I am this lazy... But here goes a bit of info again...

The Haunted record is out soon, and I fuckin' love it!!! Since we finished it I did a new album with Ektomorf, which came out amazingly well. We are all extremely pleased with it, band as well as me!! It sounds like Ektomorf of course but with a couple of new influences too. I helped them out with the soundwork on Earthshaker Festival too. Nice to get out once in a while.

And speaking of festivals... Did you see the picture of me playing with Raunchy on With Full Force in Rockhard??? hehe.

In August Born From Pain was here to record a new album for Metal Blade. It came out really good, This band is progressing still..

Right now I am putting the finishing touches to the new Mnemic album. Drums, bass, and guitars were recorded in the states by Christian Oldewolbers, Vocals by some french guy( I am never gonna get that name right in writing...) and we did synth work, mix and mastering here at the Antfarm.

Also I did the mix and mastering of the new As We Fight album. Jacob (Hatesphere) did the recordings and I did the rest. It is a great rocker this one.

Next up is Sirenia, Engel and Aborted...

Oh, and I got a Myspace site too now... so there....


3rd of June 2006

Finally I can tell you about it... I have been drafted to remix the Crucible album for none other than the Metal God, Rob Halford!!
I can still remember walking home from school 20 years ago and buying "Screaming For Vengeance" thinking I brought home a little peace of hell, hehe. Amazing. The remix will be released this fall, but details you better get from The Metal God himself.

The Haunted
have just left the studio. We finished recording yesterday. Now only mix and mastering remains. This is a killer album I tell you. Killer classic songs, much more varied than you have heard them before. Think the Haunted with inflluences from Trouble, Master Of Puppets and King Crimson and you are only halfway there. You can check the studio report on their site.

Finally I can tell you that I will be joining Raunchy on stage at this years With Full Force festival. Tilsted couldn't make this show so when they asked me I couldn't say no... See you there?

The coming month will bring mix of Aborted live dvd, Mevadio and mix of the new Diecast album being recorded right now. Later gatorz.

13 of May 2006

So what's up everybody? I been locked away in the middle of nowhere in Puk Studios in Denmark recording drums for the new The Haunted album. Great sounding place indeed! And great sounding new album. A lot more diversity this time. Expect the unexpected. We went to Antfarm for the recording of the rest of the album. Guitars are well on the way already.  We had a crazy line up of guitar amps going. Just about every guitar amp in the world was in here... We ended up recording three amps for all the basic tracks. 1 Laboga, 1 5150 and one Engl. Great mix that makes for a big variety of sounds... but thats gonna be a mix thing to sort out. You can follow the studio report on their site.

Before that Ville from Poisonblack was here to oversee the final stages of the mix and mastering of the new album. It is a great album.

I have been doing a bit of preproduction for Destiny and Days in Grief both are coming up with some really strong songs.

The new Sick Of It All scored as high as number three in the Rockhard chart. Not bad at all. This record is a lesson in Harcore for you all!!

The next month is going to see the release of Threat Signal, Urkraft, Cataract,...plus some very exciting news.... but thats gonna have to wait a few more days..

What else is new... My wife has finally turned her back on her r&b days and is turning into a regular metalhead, listening to Zao, Extol and what not. I dont know what to think anymore.

Later gator,


3rd of april 2006

So here is the new look Antfarm! A few minor things are not ready yet, but I am confident that everything's gonna be alright soon.

Some fantastic things have been happening here recently:

I got an endorsement deal with Polish amps "Laboga" which sounds like the world is coming to an end!! I love the sound of this Mr. Hector amp. It is sort of in the Rectifier family of sound, only different. There is more distortion to get from it and yet it stays really tight in the low end.


Bandwise Burn In Silence have had their new album mixed here. It was produced by Ken Susi of Unearth.


Threat Signal from Canada was mixed by me and produced by Christian from Fear Factory. A must for fans of Mnemic, FF, etc.

Engel from Sweden have made another demo that I mixed and you better check this band out if you dont know them already!!

Cataract have been here to make a new album, it is coming out in May.

The new Sick Of It All album is getting a buzz going cause it rocks like a mean mean thing. I love it!! It is so great to have worked with the kings of Hardcore finally!!!

At the moment I am mixing Poison Black and something else...but later for that....and getting ready to do the new The Haunted album. We are going to go to PUK studios in Denmark to record the drums and do the rest here at the Farm.

After that it is mix of Malevolent Creation and mix of a live dvd from Aborted.

This new site makes it easier for me to update, so hopefully I will more often.... or maybe not, we'll see...

Anyway, laterz



10th of January 2006

Merry nooo year!!! Everybody!


So what has happened since last.... I got home from New York recently having finished the new Sick Of It All album, "Death To Tyrants". It is a killer album. Excellent stuff I tell you.
We recorded and mixed in New Yorks Atomic Recording and thank you to Dean, Shawn and Cowboy Bob for being great guys and making the stay there pleasant! The desk used for this album was the very same one they used to make "Appetite For Destruction" Goddammit!!

Just before leaving I won the best production award for Hatespheres "The Sickness Within" at the Danish Metal Awards show. ...Even though I only mixed it...But it is a great album! My good friends Jacob Hansen and Tommy Hansen produced it. As you can see I had my ugly fingers in a lot of the categories.

I finished the production of Submissions debut album coming out on Listenable soon, and the Threat Signal album I mentioned earlier...Well some things got delayed and I am mixing it as you read this. Look forward to a great band in the Mnemic/FF vein.

The Portuguese hardcore rockers (...I don't know what to call them...) 20 Inch Burial were here to make a new album. I am not sure when it is coming out, but there will be details under reference, when I have them.

The French have been here again. Time it was Eyeless. We mixed and mastered and recorded a little guest spot of Jakob Bredahl (Hatesphere). Great tight as fuck band, Hardcore/Pantera kinda thing. They are hunting for a record deal at the moment, so check 'um out.

Raunchy got signed to Lifeforce Records and the new album is coming out this spring. You better believe this is a great album!!

Right after I am mixing Burn In Silence for Prosthetic Rec. It is being produced by Ken Suzi from Unearth.

Next month has Cataract coming in to make a new album plus Deadsoil (mix/master). It's all good, all good!


See you later.